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Disney Movie Club
If you are a big fan of Disney Movies, then joining this club is a must.  You get 3 FREE Disney Movies for $1.99 each & free shipping!  Get great new releases and your favorite classics.

Get 3 Disney Movies for $1.99 Each, Free Shipping! 

The newest type off DVD club is the DVD rental club. Netflix allows you to get the movies you want delivered to your home with no due dates or late fees!  Start your free trial today.



Tips For Joining DVD Clubs
Columbia House has deals on DVDs that you can't find anywhere else.  To get the most out of the Columbia House DVD Club, make sure you choose the bonus offer DVD when you sign up. You'll get it at a great price and it means one less movie that you have to buy to satisfy your DVD club membership. 

Everyone loves a good Disney movie, from adults to kids.  Joining the Disney Movie Club allows you to get 3 Disney movies at $1.99 each and other deals you can't get anywhere else.  From those hard to find classics to brand new releases, you'll find it here.  Start or add to your Disney movie collection by joining today.

Joining a dvd rental club such as Netflix, allows you to preview DVDs before you decide to purchase them. With Netflix, you choose from the latest releases and great classics and have them delivered to you in the mail. You return them whenever you want, there are no due dates or late fees. You never pay postage fees either.

Anyway you look at it, joining DVD Clubs is a must for DVD fans!